Progress Report — August 2018

I post a progress report showing what I did and how my products performed each month. Last month’s report can be seen here.

What did I do

Productive Hours in August

I worked 80 productive hours last month. I think this is a new record for this year. 💪 (Tracked using RescueTime.)
I finished Preacher — S3, started Better Call Saul — S4.

I finished the first chapter of my book Learn EOS Development, created a nice PDF preview out of it, automatically sent it out on new signups, and split it up into smaller tutorials that I’ll release here on my blog. I also added open graph meta tags to all blog posts.

Some nice words I received last month:

Hi Christoph, I just implemented your “How to access Google Spreadsheets with Node”. I’m a hobbyist programmer. Cleanest way to do it by far, and I was looking everywhere!

The world is waiting for this book man, I assure you!

A Chinese company wants the exclusive rights for my book and translate it into Chinese.

I was called a React Native expert, right next to Dan Abramov.

Mobile Apps


Total downloads of all my apps went up to 821 this month. An increase in every app. Is it finally summer time again and people are downloading more fitness apps?

In-App Purchases

In-app Purchases went back up to 5 thanks to PPL workout. (+4)

I made an estimated 18.96€ (+15.55€) this way.

Ad Revenue

My ad revenue went down to 50.39€ (-6.26€) for 52,700 AdMob banner impressions.

App Income AdMob

Total App Income

In total, this month’s app income was 69.35€ (+9.29€).

| IAPs | Ads | Total | | — — — | — — — | — — — | | 18.96€ | 50.39€ | 69.35€ |

Platform Growth


Sessions went up to 10,891 on my website.

Website Traffic

I sticked to my bi-weekly schedule of releasing a blog post. It’s easy when you have written a whole book chapter. I already have other posts in the pipeline.

  1. Learnings from building my first dapp on EOS blockchain
  2. C++ Guide for EOS Development — Basics
  3. C++ Guide for EOS Development — Call by value / reference


My twitter followers increased by 26 to 318. People like the EOS content.

Learn EOS Development Subscribers

I currently have 109 email subscribers for my book. I would have never expected such a big amount through organic growth.

What’s next

Full focus on the next chapters of the book.

  • Write tutorials for free and link to my book. Collect email addresses. All while actually writing the book.
  • Add a way to automate these progress reports? I played around with yeoman generators last months, a really nice way to scaffold projects / blog posts.

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