Progress Report — August 2020

I post a progress report showing what I did and how my products performed each month. Last month’s report can be seen here.

What did I do

Productive Hours in August

Hours worked on side-projects in August

I worked 78 productive on side projects hours last month.

To make these progress reports a bit more interesting, from now on I’ll post my favourite song, TV show, and article I read last month.

What was worked on

This month I started having a life again. It was nice but I’d rather go back to having no life next month. 🙃 There are a lot of interesting ideas I want to work on and during these Corona times, the opportunity cost is low. I’m also reading and absorbing so many related DeFi projects on EOS / ETH again, the excitement is similar to the 2017 bull run.

I changed the architecture of my on-chain EOS trading bot to make it easier to add new DEXes / AMMs. The competition is still beating me, I only make about 1 EOS per day from arbitrage trading at the moment. But there are a lot more improvements I want to add.

I also did another EOS first — emojis in the ABI combined with my ABI obfuscation approach.

Platform Growth


Sessions stayed at 6,010 on my website.

Website Traffic

I did not stick to my bi-weekly schedule of releasing a blog post. I didn’t write any new post at all. 😅 I had to do some research though that would warrant a blog post and I have a lot of drafts/ideas in the pipeline.


My twitter followers increased by 3 to 623.


Learn EOS Development

I sold 3 books last month.


I made 7 EOS last month trading crypto.

What’s next

  • Improve the arbitrage bot and beat the competition.

Written by

Full Stack Software Engineer #javascript #EOS. Into Recreational Math / CS 🤯 Just message me about anything, my mind is open.

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