Progress Report — July 2020

I post a progress report showing what I did and how my products performed each month. Last month’s report can be seen here.

What did I do

Hours worked on side-projects in July

I worked 53 productive on side projects hours last month.

To make these progress reports a bit more interesting, from now on I’ll post my favourite song, TV show, and article I read last month.

What was worked on

This month went by so fast. I didn’t even realize it’s time to write another progress report again. I spent most of my time on my day jobs, not much to announce in terms of side projects. But it should get better in August.

Platform Growth


Sessions stayed at 6,333 on my website.

Website Traffic
Website Traffic

I did not stick to my bi-weekly schedule of releasing a blog post. I managed to only write one which was liked a lot

  1. Obfuscating EOSIO smart contracts


My twitter followers increased by 10 to 620.


Learn EOS Development

I sold 3 books last month.


I made 36 EOS last month trading crypto. My trading bot is getting rekt by the other ones.

What’s next

  • Update my arbitrage bot and beat the competition. There are so many swap pools launching on EOS recently which makes it a great opportunity.

Full Stack Software Engineer #javascript #EOS. Into Recreational Math / CS 🤯 Just message me about anything, my mind is open.

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