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Progress Report — March 2018

I post a progress report showing what I did and how my products performed each month. Last month’s report can be seen here.

Productive Hours in March
Productive Hours in March

I worked 64 productive hours. 💪 (Tracked using RescueTime.)
I ‘m watching Atlanta S2, Sneaky Pete S2, Last Man On Earth S4.

I read Skin In The Game by Nassim Taleb.

March was a good month, I was able to put in quite some productive hours. Still, I didn’t finish my EOS app — it ‘s a lot more than I initially expected. I’m currently working on the frontend, I hope it will be ready soon after the DAWN 3.0 public testnet release.

But back to my Android apps that I haven’t updated in years 😅

Total downloads of all my apps went back to 835 this month. Lost roughly 150 downloads compared to last month.

In-app Purchases stayed at 4 orders. (+0)

I made an estimated 13.65€ (+3.41€) this way.

My ad revenue stayed at 56.57€ (-0.08€) for 71,000 AdMob banner impressions.

App Income AdMob
App Income AdMob

In total, this month’s app income was 70.22€ (-0.08€).

| IAPs | Ads | Total | | — — — | — — — | — — — | | 13.65€ | 56.57€ | 70.22€ |

I lost roughly 2000 sessions on my website. I wonder if this is because people switched to Medium / Steemit instead to read my blog. I should track these stats, too.

Website Traffic
Website Traffic

Again, I still stuck to my bi-weekly post schedule:

  1. Thoughts on making EOS development easier
  2. Lazy-loading images with React and Semantic UI

My twitter followers increased by 7 to 241.

I’m sick of reporting my Android apps that I developed over a year ago. Time to make a new product that earns some money to showcase here. Users of my next EOS app will actually pay with EOS, so I’m excited to see how that will work out.

Originally published at cmichel.io

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