Progress Report — October 2019

I post a progress report showing what I did and how my products performed each month. Last month’s report can be seen here.

What did I do

Productive Hours in October

Hours worked on side-projects in October

I worked 58 productive hours last month.

What was worked on

October has been a really busy month. I worked on three different EOS projects.

Platform Growth


Sessions went down to 8,729 on my website. That’s really low. I need to keep an eye on this and see if there’s any reason to be concerned.

On a plus side, I received a lot of positive feedback for my What really happened during the EOSPlay hack post. I plan on researching and doing a write-up of every EOS hack now. It’s fun to do and you usually learn something new along the way.

Website Traffic

I did not release a single blog post last month. I was just too busy with other things. 💁‍♂️


My twitter followers increased by 9 to 507. I finally broke 500 followers 🎉

Learn EOS Development Subscribers

I currently have 534 email subscribers for my book. (+15 in last 30 days) I sold 6 books in October. That’s +200% compared to the previous month. No idea why my book sales are more volatile than bitcoin.

What’s next

No new side projects planned. Keep building. Vigor is getting traction. Curious to see what’s next.

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Full Stack Software Engineer #javascript #EOS. Into Recreational Math / CS 🤯 Just message me about anything, my mind is open.

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